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mailing lists:

  • dita-users - The place to go for all general questions about DITA
    technology-specific lists ..
  • dita-wikis - Design and uses of collaborative authoring tools based on DITA.
  • semidita - For members of the Semiconductor DITA Implementers Group.
    location-specific lists ..
  • CalgaryDITA_UG - Calgary DITA Users Group.
  • ctdug - Central Texas DITA Users Group.
  • dfwdita - Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area DITA users.
  • dita-uk - United Kingdom DITA users.
  • ditabug - DITA Boston Users Group.
  • india-dita-users - India DITA users.
  • IndyDITA - Indianapolis DITA Users Group.
  • NYDUG - New York DITA Users Group.
  • rtp-dita - Research Triangle Park (RTP) DITA users.
  • svdig - Silicon Valley DITA Interest Group.
  • torontodita - Toronto DITA users.
  • van-dita - Vancouver DITA users.

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